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School doors open at 8.45am. Thank you for ensuring that your child arrives on time for the start of the school day.

Welcome to Upper Foundation Stage


 Welcome to Fitzwilliam Primary School Upper Foundation Stage.

'Working and Growing Together'


Headteacher: Mrs Susan Harrison

Deputy Headteacher: Mr Paul Quarry

Foundation Manager Mr Tim Downes

Inclusion Manager Mrs Tracey Morgan

Office Manager Miss Louise Baughan

Upper Foundation Class teacher: Mr Tim Downes

Teaching Assistant: Mrs Christina Davis

Lunchtime Assistant: Mrs Lisa West


The children are still part of the Early Years Foundation Stage, the curriculum of which covers children from birth until the end of the Upper Foundation year. Attendance at school is now a legal requirement. If your child is unable to attend school, the school office must be informed that morning.

School’s attendance expectation is 96%.

Attendance under 90% is classified as persistent absence, and is referred to the EWO.

Fixed penalty notices are issued for holidays taken in term time of five days or more, and also 10 sessions or 5 days absence, where school has not been informed of the absence or the headteacher doesn’t authorise the absence.

School operates a ‘first day response’ to absences, which means the school office will telephone you if your child is absent without explanation in the morning.


School Uniform

In Upper Foundation Stage children are expected to wear school uniform.

School Uniform is available from Waterson’s in Hemsworth.

The only jewellery children are allowed to wear is studs or sleepers in the ears.

Please ensure your child’s name is in all articles of clothing and equipment to avoid anything being lost!


Day to day in Upper Foundation Stage.

Full time children enter the Foundation Stage Unit through the blue door. On the left is a cloakroom for your child to hang their coat up on their named peg. In the entrance there is a basket to put packed lunch boxes.

The unit doors open at 8.45am.

Your child will be marked as late if they are not in their classroom by 9.00am

When your child enters their classroom, they will be expected to locate their table and ‘Wake up work! Book, and complete their wake up work which will at first be cursive name writing practise.

You are more than welcome to stay and work with your child however we do ask that parents leave the classroom before 8.55am.

The aim is for children to complete the activity independently later in the year. Therefore staff may begin to ask you to leave at a more rapid pace. This process will prepare the children for Year 1.

At 8.55 a member of staff will call the children onto the carpet for register, this is the signal for parents to leave.

Please note the register closes at 9.00. After this time your children will be recorded as late.

At 3.15pm children can be picked up from the blue doors of the Foundation Stage Unit. If you have older children in school, please pick up your Foundation Stage child first to avoid a bottle neck at the foundation gates.

Daily phonics sessions still take place for the children as they do for your child now in Middle Foundation. Phonics sessions are between 9.05am – 9.25am daily.

Literacy sessions will take place in Upper Foundation Stage. These will contain sessions of shared reading and writing, some element of focused work, for example, sentence writing. This could take place indoors or outdoors.

Mathematics sessions take place in Upper Foundation Stage. These will contain a mental maths element, a main activity that is usually practical with not much recording, and a plenary. This also could take place indoors or outdoors.

Other work is taught through topics or themes, similar to the structure of Middle Foundation Stage. Children are also encourages to learn independently and this is recorded in Learning Journeys

All planning is on view outside the classrooms.


Staying for dinner

Your child is entitled to free school meals but we do require all parents to complete a FSM eligibility form even if you think you do not qualify for this.

Children can have a packed lunch from home or a free school meal, please inform the school office before the end of term which type of meal your child requires. The school office requires one weeks’ notice if you wish your child to change between packed lunches / school dinners. Please send a letter in writing.

Your child will have the opportunity to choose their own dinner from three main choices, for example, a main meal, a sandwich or a jacket potato. Also, the choice of two puddings, hot or cold.

Every morning, there will be the dinner screen to show your child the choices available.

Please inform a member of staff if you if your child is allergic to any food types or does not like a specific food.

If your child has a packed lunch, please do not pack a drink, this will be provided by school.

There will be a designated member of staff who will encourage the children to eat their lunch and notify the class teacher of any concerns, which will be passed onto you straight away.

Grace is said before dinner, and prayers are said in assembly. Please inform the Mrs Harrison if you wish your child to abstain from these.



Each child will have a reading book that they need to bring to school every day and take home every night. This is changed as often as necessary, but cannot be changed without a comment by a parent in the reading record. Please comment in your child’s reading record as often as possible to help us support your child’s reading skills. It is expected that parents return reading books for changing at least once a week.

If your child is ready for a new book please place their reading folder in the red box, and write in the reading record ‘Please change book’.

If your child is not ready for a new book please place in the blue box.

Children will read their take home book with an adult at least once a week and a comment is placed in their reading record. Some children will read more frequently. You will be informed if your child is a more frequent reader.

Your child will also be given some words to learn.

Also children will be able to access an electronic reading scheme called Reading Bugs at home. Books will be made available for each child, appropriate to their reading age, which can be read and recorded in the reading comment book when read.


The children will do indoor PE once a week, and get changed in the Foundation Stage building. PE kit is a bluet-shirt and navy shorts. School versions of this are available from the school office.

Your child’s PE session will be Friday morning.

Please can you ensure that PE kit is provided for your child. PE kits are to be left in school all half term, and then sent home at the end of the half term to be washed. If your child’s PE kit is not brought into school then a spare kit will be provided. If your child cannot do PE for any reason, please send a note in explaining the reasons why, and your child will be excused if the teacher feels it is appropriate.

Please bring your child’s PE kit into school in a named bag on the first day of each term.

The children cannot wear any jewellery for PE. If they wear earrings they must be able to remove them themselves.

PE takes place in the main school building, although the children get changed in their classroom. Children therefore require a pair of slip on or velcro plimsolls to wear as part of their PE Kit.


Outdoor Learning

There is no playtime for the Foundation Stage children during the morning or afternoon session, children will have outdoor learning as they do in the Middle Foundation stage session. Children will play on the main playground with the Key Stage One children at dinnertime.

Outdoor learning sessions will take place every day. The children do not get changed but will need to wear appropriate footwear and bring a coat each day.


Several intervention groups take place in Foundation Stage such as:

Speaking and listening

Reading and phonics

Sentence writing


If your child is involved in one of these groups because they require further support you will be informed at parents evening.


Star rockets

Star rockets are our reward system.

Children who obtain 10 stars on their rocket will receive a sticker from the head teacher.

If 5 rockets are filled then you will receive a letter home from the headteacher celebrating your child’s positive behaviour.



Home work in Upper Foundation consists of:

Reading book (which should be brought to school every day).

Every Friday, children will have a Literacy homework book containing some graphemes to learn, one or two words to read and one or two words to spell. They may also be asked to apply these words to a sentence.

Children also have a Mathematics homework book with a short number skills activity to complete.

Please note homework is expected to be returned every Monday morning.

If homework is brought into school, then your child will get a star for their rocket.


Staggered start to term.

To ease the transition into a full school day, the school operates a staggered introduction to school. For your child this will mean:

Tuesday 5th and Wednesday 6th September: 1.00pm finish.

Thursday 7th and Friday 8th September: 2.00pm finish

Monday 11th September onwards: 3.15pm finish


Entry to Upper Foundation Baseline assessment

Within the first six weeks of full time school, children will undergo a baseline assessment. These assessments are designed to provide staff with information to inform future planning and practice, in order to best meet the needs of your child.

It is summary of children’s knowledge and understanding in Literacy and Mathematics. The information is gathered by Upper Foundation staff mainly through observation, questioning and playing games. This data is then discussed with Lower Foundation stage staff.

Early Learning Goals: End of year expectations

At the end of the Upper Foundation year school is required to assess the children against the Early Years Foundation Stage Early Learning Goals. These are the age related expectations for all children nationally at the end of Foundation Stage. The information will inform your child’s next teacher in their planning in September so that the children have a smooth transition into main school.

It is an overview of children’s knowledge and understanding at this point, taking into account learning throughout the Foundation Stage, since entry to nursery.

The information about your child has been gathered during their everyday school activities, mainly through observation, questioning and playing games. The data has been collated by all foundation stage staff.

There will be a full parents meeting on this in the autumn term

Golden rules

As a school we have a behaviour policy that incorporates five golden rules within everyday aspects of learning environment. This reinforces positive behaviour through rewards and sanctions that can be seen outside the Upper foundation classroom.


If your child requires medication it needs to be left with Foundation Stage staff, to be administered by teaching staff. Only named staff (Mr Downes and Miss Abbott) may administer medication.

A consent form MUST be signed before any staff can administer medication. Please note staff can only administer medication that has been prescribed by a doctor.

Once your child enters Year 1 medication needs to be left in the school office, to be administered by Miss Baughan, Mrs Harrison or Mr Quarry. Other teaching staff do not administer medication.


Children have continuous access to water during the day. There is usually a drink of milk also available each day. There is no need for children to bring in any drink from home.


As a school we are all agreed that children will develop their handwriting using the cursive handwriting script. It is important that your child practises this regularly in order to improve their handwriting.


There are a number of ways we communicate.

  1. Websitethe majority of information required can be found on the schools website. Newsletters are uploaded onto the website. Newsletters are uploaded onto the website weekly every Friday. Our website address is:
  2. Email Contact – if we have your email address school will email you a copy of our newsletter weekly. Please inform school if you change your email address.
  3. Telephone Contact – school will use telephone contact when required. Please inform school if you change your mobile or landline contact details.
  4. Twitter – school has a twitter account which gives updates of forthcoming events. Our twitter address if @Fitz_Pri_School


Please ask at the school office if you require any additional information. The office staff are always happy to help.

If you need to speak to your child’s teacher or Mrs Harrison we will do our very best to meet at a time that is convenient to yourself.

Thank you for your ongoing support and please feel free to come and see myself if you have concerns regarding your child’s education and welfare.


Susan Harrison, Headteacher, Fitzwilliam Primary School


Please see our Welcome to Upper Foundation Stage Parent Brochure below:

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